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With the blessing of Allah Almighty Haji Muhammad Shafiq Rafiiqi started the business of fan manufacturing under the supervision of Haji Muhammad Shafi (Late).

On the horizon of fan industry Adnan Fan emerged in 1974 like a shining star due to endless effort and expert strategies of  Haji Muhammad Shafiq. Adnan Fan made countless admirers not only in Pakistan but also from around the globe.

Muhammad Adnan Shafiq had his education from Canada. After completing his education, he joined Adnan fan in 2003 as Managing Director and raised the production volume. He started Export of fans in 2008. Due to his continuous hard work company production became double following strict quality standards. 

Our Process


We are aware of and encourage rapidly changing trends and technology, and we have a qualified team that is willing to push the boundaries and offer high-quality products.

Idea & Concept

Following a series of analyses, the product's conception is elegantly developed into a concept through extensive study.

Design & Production​

Following that, the concept is put to the test and designed to provide the improvement that each consumer demands and deserves.

Sales & Service​

After considerable research and work, it all comes down to selling of the products, and with the trust for quality in mind, sales spread throughout the major leagues.

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